Fishinglicense on the Internet

Now you can purchase SFK Kroken fishing permits on the Internet!

Stora Hammarsjön Fish Conservation District
Day ticket - Game waters( SFK Kroken members) SEK,-250
Day ticket- Game waters (non members) SEK,-300
Season ticket – Game waters (members only) SEK,- 2500 - 8 months, 1/4 - 30/11
Day ticket - Coarse waters (non members) SEK,-100
Hulingens Fish Conservation District
Day ticket (non-members) SEK,-100
Carp permit – further info. available under “karpfiske”!

Payment methods:
Direct bank transfer to SKF Kroken bank Account at Swedbank
Account: Nr. 913 827 307-4 Clearing Nr. 8169-5
or with Swish Account: 123 388 00 10
In the box marked “message to payee” please write your name and/or telephone number (space may be limited).
Please print out the payment transfer details and carry a copy on your person whilst fishing.

Please complete the details shown below:
Fields marked with a * are compulsory.
Fill in either a landline or mobile number under “telephone”
If you do not have access to a printer, please make sure you have a means of identifiyying yourself whilst you are fishing.
If you require permits for several members of the same family please fill out all the names of all the family members in the “message” box.

Please Note – All waters are closed between 5th October and 15th October 2023 inclusive!

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